<The Rocky Road Of Challenging Beliefs And Ideas

Reflect On A Time When You Challenged A Belief Or Idea

Our society is a mixture of beliefs and idea that have taken years to formulate and determine how it operates. These concepts are also inculcated in the members of that society through the process of effective socialization during their entire lives. They are the basis of human action within that society; whether it is a superstition about a black cat passing your path or a simple wedding tradition, they become internalize in our everyday operations.

However, it is important to understand that all these beliefs and ideas, although hold a lot of importance for people who create and follow them, they may or may not be the most rational choice of action for everyone. They may come from old values and sometimes merely superstition, which makes it harder to make practical sense of them in today’s modern world. Breaking apart from them or challenging them also results in great opposition from those who continuously revere them as building blocks of society.

My Experience

As a single mother of two, I found it extremely difficult to break free of these norms and old customs. With the sole responsibility of economic sustenance and care of my children, I found it necessary to seek employment. This may seem like something really simple to do, as there are thousands of single mothers in the world constantly working hard and managing home alongside with complete ease. However, in my case this step was not easy and I, belonging to a family whose women were never allowed to work, received great opposition.

Our family believed in the traditional role of women as a caregiver, who stays at home with her children and nourishes them with her affection. It is the father or the man of the household who was responsible for earning for the family. I always respected this belief and always found it reasonable in the beginning. It worked out for my mother and her mother as well. They lived happy lives staying at home. I also believed that a women’s work at home was as important as that of men. However, I also believed that with changing circumstances and needs this role must also be extended.

After separating from my husband, I learned that it was extremely important to find a way to be economically and socially independent. It took a lot of courage to break free of the norm and to make my family understand that I was as capable of supporting my life as any man could be. This decision was the most important one for me and changed my whole outlook on life. I learned that I could be whoever I wanted to and achieve the best for my children.

Therefore, sometimes it is important to redesign and maneuver through these beliefs and customs, not out of disrespect but due to changing circumstances. If I were to make a similar decision again, I certainly would. I believe that, as stories and essays about successful people say, the first step is the hardest, but the road forward gets easier as you go.