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The Mistreatment Of Women

As I’ve grown up, I have realized the importance of an individual in the society, particularly when it comes to social issues. With the global political situation changing rapidly, where dictators who have been ruling for decades have been overthrown in the middle eastern countries, people are starting to realize the importance an individual can actually have, given that they get their voice heard.

However, one problem that I believe persists, even in the world today is that of equality and gender discrimination. While many people blame the government for it, we need to realize that this is not just a social issue that exists in our societies today, but has become an ethical dilemma. Even today, research suggests that women are paid 79 cents to every dollar that a man earns, even in the same environment, with the same qualifications, while they may actually be more productive. We need to realize that this is a problem not just for working women, but even students or women who may by stay-at-home moms, or homemakers.

At present, women no longer feel safe walking alone, taking a cab home, or even driving alone, just because of the reason that women are mistreated and cat-called, even threatened with rape, all over the world. This is an issue that is very important because that has hindered my progress, as a woman, as well as that of my own country. It is not just limited to one society but throughout the world, and has become a hindrance is the economic development of many countries, as measured by the Millennium Development Goals. This is important to me because I see women with great potential living in fear, or in a state of demotivation because no matter what they are treated as they are weak and inferior.

It is important to fight this problem, and to ensure that women are treated with respect and as equals. This starts at the ground level, with parents and teachers, who should prevent girls being bullied, and should allow them to feel empowered. It is up to them to teach not just their girls, but their boys to treat their sisters, and other girls with respect. Moreover, it is important that the government should enforce employers to reduce the pay gap, which at present is at about 21 cents per dollar earned.

Similarly, any sort of harassment should be reported and should be considered a serious matter by the local institutions, as well as at the national level to deal with it more effectively, and allowing for the protection of the victim after they report.

We need to make sure we leave a better society for our children to grow up in and that starts at home. We need to respect women in all acts of life and make sure they never feel inferior or threatened. Because it is these women with which lies the future of our nation.