<Key Steps To Writing An Engaging Personal Essay

Elements of great personal essays

When you are told to write a personal essay; there are some pitfalls to be avoided if the results that will get you the high grades are to be achieved. In the same token, there are must-have elements that should be included in the essay if the results that mattered are to be achieved. 

We shall be taking a look at what to avoid and what to include if the results that mattered are to be achieved in the long run. Here we go!

Things to avoid

  • Lack of organization: Writing a personal essay is simpler when compared to other forms of essay writing. But you need to get all your data organized to achieve the best results. When you make a list of things that you intend to discuss in your paper; it will make your paper organized.
  • Your topic: The interest of your readers is number one. Never make the mistake of choosing a boring topic that will not excite your readers. Select a relevant topic and spice it up with your life experiences.
  • Structure: This is an academic paper and you are expected to follow a definite structure or pattern. The essay should contain the core elements that will make it logical and easy to read.
  • Moral: There is the part of morals that are being learned in a personal essay. Where there are no morals taught; the essence of the personal essay will be lost on the readers and it will not attract the high marks.
  • Your lexis: It should be stated that your lexis is expected to be full of decorum. The use of slangs and others like it will weaken the text of your essay.

If you are able to avoid the pitfalls stated above; you are going to achieve the results that will make your essay stand out and attract the worthy marks that will push your final grades forward. 

The best results will be achieved if you stick to the standard structure expected from this type of essay. Here is what is expected in the structure of a personal essay that will stand out in the midst of the crowd.


You are expected to give a brief introduction to pick in a way that will make your reader be interested in your essay. The hook statement must be powerful and you are expected to conclude with the thesis statement.

Body paragraphs

The length of what you are supposed to include here will be determined by the number of ideas that you wish to discuss. Every paragraph should consist of a topic statement which must be supported with arguments. The arguments should be less than five so as not to make it boring to the readers.


Everything that has a worthy beginning must have a credible ending. Your introduction consists of a hook statement; in the conclusion, you are expected to end powerfully with a summary of your ideas. Do not fail to make the impressions here.

Final thoughts

Though you are writing a personal essay; the standards above should be followed. It is a must.