<Complete Your Research Paper Project Within Weeks

Top-Notch College Thesis Writing Hints: How to Finish your Project in Weeks

Writing a thesis isn’t the end of your study. It is actually the first piece of substantial academic work. Completing it successfully is both a learning process and contribution to new knowledge. All the things you learn as you research and write outlive the content’s relevance. To finish your project in the shortest period possible, start by breaking it down into manageable sections. This section will address the challenges you will face and tips to pull you through:

1st challenge –getting started

You cannot start if you don’t know what is expected of you. Find out more by:

  • Reading course handbooks
  • Attending orientation and technical department-based programs
  • Studying guidelines provided at the Graduate Students Office
  • Reading books and visiting websites on dissertation writing
  • Get previous dissertations from the library

2nd challenge – managing your writing

Set up the dissertation files. Ensure that you have a separate file for all the sections such as cover page, formalities, bibliography/references, appendices, abstract, ethics statement, tables and figures list, original authorship statement, table of contents and acknowledgments. The chapter should be outlined as follows:

  • Introduction and overview
  • Literature review
  • Research question
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Summary and conclusion

3rd challenge – freeing up headspace

  • You have to jot down everything so that you can reference if you forget.
  • Don’t write sequentially. It’s okay to leave gaps if you don’t have the required content at that moment.
  • Copy and paste any material you have written including bibliographies and preliminary reference sections into the appropriate chapter.
  • Create a recycle file. It’s not wise to delete any paragraph you write because you might have to reuse it elsewhere.

4th challenge – knowing what the thesis is about

  • After freeing up your headspace, focus on creating the research question and note it down
  • Use study groups, research seminars, peers and conferences to get feedback on the idea you have
  • Discuss the final statement you draft with the supervisor

5th challenge – planning and management

Identify all the tasks that you need to do to complete each chapter and estimate how long you will take on each task. Consider using a planning tool to create great sequences. Then, enter the dates in your dairy. It is better to have an inaccurate estimate that having no estimates at all.

6thchallenge – managing your content and process

  • To manage your content, you need to:
  • Have set targets with the supervisor
  • Use the library and resources to the maximum
  • Contact other students working on similar research