<Importance Of Failing And Failing Harder Before You Succeed

Lessons We Take From Failure Can Be Fundamental To Later Success

Our lives are filled with moments of failure and success both. However, not many of us find pleasure in failure and tend to avoid it at all costs. It is important to see failure as little steps towards the path to success. They must be considered as moments of deep reflection and learning. Someone who instead of finding discouragement and gloom from failure, looks at it as an opportunity to grow and advance further will eventually succeed. The key, however, must be determination and vigor to try again and again until we reach our desired goal.

My Experience

Similarly, I have also tasted failure on several occasions. Most of the times, I may have expressed grief at first unable to understand the bigger purpose that might be hidden behind these circumstances, but later on I, most of the times, realized that my initial reaction was unnecessary. I have learned with all these experiences that the failure and success go around in a circle, and that you will not always be successful just because you succeed. As many studies and essays say the real key to success is to accept every failure as part of the whole process, and as building blocks towards your end goal. Someone who realizes the importance of failure is the one who can succeed in life.

I can still conjure up the memories of the last year of my High school. Everything was moving really fast at that point in time. On one hand you are working hard to achieve excellent grades to get in to the best college, and on the other hand you are still discovering yourself and those around you. I was a good student in high school and everyone including my parents, teachers and peers had great expectations from me. These expectations put more pressure on you and failure in these cases becomes more undesirable. My area of failure was Mathematics. I was never really fond of this subject and as a result always struggled in it.

In my last year of high school, Mathematics became more difficult for me. With the course becoming more advanced and life becoming busier, I found it hard to devote time to this subject. I was barely passing my school math tests. At first, when I used to receive my test results I used to remain in a state of tremendous gloom for a long time. However, Mathematics was an important subject for my future degree in Economics and I could not afford giving up on it. Therefore, I decided that I must learn from my mistakes and work harder.

I devoted specific time in the day to practice Math problems and learned that I lost most of my marks due to careless mistakes. I also joined a peer study group and learned a lot from my other fellows. A light change in my timetable and some determination helped me in achieving the highest marks in my class. If I had given up then after one or two failures, I may have never succeeded in the end. Therefore, the key is to stay positive and never give up no matter how many times you fail.