<Perfect Definition Of The Major Types Of Essays For Students

Different Types Of Essays For College Students

If you are in high school or college, you may have probably come across this important part of the education curriculum that is known as essay writing. If you ask most students, they will probably tell that this is the most challenging piece of paper. However, what does not work for others does not automatically mean that it will not work for you. Brace yourself up, study hard and once you pass then you will forget the struggle. Below are some of the types of essays that you may be requested by your teacher to write. Read keenly and feel free to take notes.

Narrative essays

This kind of essays are the ones that most students tend to assume are the easiest but if not careful, they can make you fail. There are those who may have no idea on how to write such an essay. Just from the name, in these paper, you are required to give your own real life experience. For you to make the reader comfortable, try to help him or her create a mental picture by using vivid language. If you use obvious expressions, he or she may get bored and make you score lose. A good narrative should also be written in the first person. To add on that do not write a very long narrative essay since long is boring also and you may end up getting repetitive. Your story should start with a crisis, give a peak to your problem then finally conclude it with a solution.

Descriptive essays

Just from the name, these are the kind of essays that describe a person, place or thing in great details. The common mistake that most of us make in descriptive essays is using colorful words not knowing that this is not needed in such a paper. The language used here is plain but it should be able to give the reader a deeper meaning.

Persuasive essays

This were my favorite kind of essays. In this type I would be requested to write my essay persuading the reader to support my view. The stress that comes with this kind of essays is that it is not just any other essays but heavily relies on facts. You cannot just sit down and come up with facts and that is why it will be necessary for you to stroll to the library, pick a book and study on the given topic. Unlike narratives which heavily relies on creativity, these kind is based on hard facts.

Informative essays

In this kind of paper, y6ou have to inform the readers. You may select a topic of your choice let us say pollution, analyze and support it with facts, examples and statistics This also tells you that you have to carry out extensive research so that you do not feed the readers with wrong information. You should not try to be objective in this type of essays and also avoid using the first persona.

In conclusion, there are four main types of essays and these are: Descriptive essays, narratives, persuasive essay and informative. With the points I believe you will be able to know what is expected of you. Study various essay formats, gather relevant information and write with passion and I believe that you will be able to attain an A+.