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What Every Student Need To Know About Essay Prompts

As a student, developing your essay writing skills should top your list. Apart from your test scores and grades, college essay is a great opportunity for you to show the admission officer that you are unique and stand out from a pool of other talented applicants. However, tutors can use prompts to help you prepare well. These are statements that focus on a given issue or topic, accompanied by series of questions. They can help test your reasoning, writing and analytical skills. Here are tips you need to know about prompts as a student.

How to handle the Common Application Essay Prompts

Passing the common app essay to secure admission is a bit challenging. You must be ready to convince the admission officers that you are the right candidate, and prove that you can handle any challenge that college brings. But knowing how to tackle the questions gives you an edge over other applicants.

  • Sharing your story
  • Everyone has a story to tell whether good or bad. It is part of our lives. Your story can be about your hobby; how and why you chose that hobby. It could also be about your experience or trait that is unique to you. Another way to answer this prompt is by reflecting on your family history but be honest about everything. The admissions officers are only seeking to know you better, and your personal statement gives them a glimpse of who you are.

  • What fascinates you?
  • Here, you need to write about that thing that captivates you and avoid trying to impress the graders. Doing so will only make your essay look fake. An important part of this prompt is to mention your mentor that is the person you run to when the need to learn more arises. On your own, go through other essay examples to learn how to answer this prompt.

  • Challenging a belief
  • The best time to answer this kind of prompt is when you have a specific encounter or experience to share. Remember you have to be realistic when providing answers to questions, so try not to write from your head. To reply to this question, think of when you challenged others or got challenged because of your belief. If you are conversant with how to write an essay, answering this question will be much easier.

  • What is your purpose of attending this school?
  • The answers to this type of questions look simple but tricky. Many fall into the trap of providing generalized answers like “to obtain a sound physics education or develop solid career skills.” Your answers should prove your genuine interest. Just as a statement of purpose where the writer needs to provide detailed plans on what he or she is studying, you need to state why the institution you are applying to is a good fit for you.

    Conduct in-depth research to know more about the school and why they stand out. Learn about their professors, programs, awards, and other things you find interesting. And ensure your reasons for joining them are genuine and specific.


When choosing essay topics, remember to write on what you can answer genuinely. You can practice with more examples to develop your skills and confidence on how to draft a perfect answer to convince the admissions officers that you are one of the right candidates. Contact essay writing services to save your time.