<Application Essay Sample Related To Talents And Interests

The Importance Background, Identity, Interest Or Talent For Your Application

Tired of doing your physics assignment? Here is a sample essay on the importance of interests and talents.

People have a tendency to complain about labels, but despite this, they exist for a reason. I would say it’s because, secretly, we adore them. We like to label ourselves; to find an identity which we portray ourselves to others. Most of us chose to identify ourselves through a piece of our heritage, a glaring personality trait, a unique background, or some form of special talent we possess. I, however, identify myself through something else altogether, something that isn’t strictly mine, but grips my soul all the same; my passions.

I don’t mean the sort of passion that you push to the side; the kind that makes you take regular piano lessons to satisfy your love for music. No, I mean the passion that is alive, deadly, painful, and glorious. The kind of passion that burns, bright and alive. Passion that wakes you up at 3 a.m, adrenaline pumping, ready to act on it with all your conscious.

Usually, passion is felt for something specific; for music, for reading, for a wild romance. My passion is something beyond this; I am passionate about life itself, in love with its every fold. I fall in love with a hundred different things, a thousand times over. I swallow books whole, I write in blood, and I paint reality with my dreams. I’ll wake up in the midst of the night, my mind filled with inspiration, and I’ll write until my fingers fall limp. I’ll stumble upon a scientific theory I’ve never heard of before, and then spend days in a cocoon, using every moment to read up on it; to learn everything there is to know about it. It’s easy to be alive, but it’s something else altogether to live through every minute.

There are people among us that see days as numbers. They fall into the trap of routine, monotony, and repetition. They abandon passion for a tame life. In doing so, they miss out on all the things this world has to offer. They’ve given up any chance at fulfilling their soul.

My passion seeps through my being, into everything I do, and that’s why it’s so important for me. I can engross myself in anything; any topic, any task, any activity. ‘Boring’ is simply a word used by those who fail to see the beauty in something. Life’s greatest gift is this; that everything in it is beautiful, worth knowing, worth trying. It’s with this passion that I plough through, that I march forward, taking on everything that life has to throw at me. It’s for this passion that I wake up every day, grateful that I’m alive.

I am ready, and excited, for every job that awaits me, every opportunity that comes my way, every new revelation that enters my life. It’s true enough that passion isn’t tangible, and while I may not be able to plate mine up and show it to you, I can assure you that it is present in everything I do. And this is why I’ve chosen it to identify myself.